Learn the art of Reflexology and step into a new life path.

Reflexology is a simple, gentle and yet amazingly effective form of natural healing that can be practised by everyone. You can change your life and others, whether exploring Reflexology as for the benefit of family and friends or as a profession.

Professional Reflexology Courses with the extra holistic learning touch offered in Christchurch, New Zealand

Holistic School of Reflexology
  • Holistic Reflexology - October 5th & 6th 2019
  • Postgraduate Courses (International and local tutors)
  • Complementary Therapy courses

Reflexology Level One

This popular introductory course is comprehensive, interactive, and with plenty of hands on skills taught. Enjoy a BRILLIANT weekend of of giving and receiving!

What Students Say About the Weekend Course...

"Elisa is a teacher with so much joy, and that comes through to the student. She certainly makes it a safe and welcoming place to come to, and because of that one is relaxed and trusting and therefore one learns a lot." - Librarian, Christchurch

"I really enjoyed the interactive teaching style and spiritual/energy emphasis." - Massage Therapist / Yoga teacher, West Coast

Contact us for a brochure or download the Holistic Reflexology here. (This is a PDF file)

Currently the Holistic School of Reflexology is taking a years break from training the Practitioner level. The website will be updated again on 2011 regarding offering of this course.

This professional training course enables students to qualify and practice reflexology in a clinical setting and gives a through understanding of the theory and practice of reflexology as a holistic healing modality.

Monthly format provides adequate time for students to complete theory and practical assignment homework in-between classes. This part-time course has been designed to be achievable for busy people, and it also allows for long distance travel for students from country areas.

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Maternity Reflexology Training - tutor Lyndall Mollart (AUST)
Part 1 and Part 2

Reflexology tutor - Elisa Lanau,

Elisa has been involved in the healing arts for thirty-three years. She is an energy healer who has trained in Reflexology since 1992. Elisa has facilitated courses for 12 years and has been in busy private practice for 13 years.

Elisa's passionate enthusiasm for reflexology shines through in her teaching. To further her teaching and practice, Elisa has undertaken post-graduate studies in the US, UK and Australia. She is a professional member of Reflexology New Zealand Inc and is a registered New Zealand Chartered Health Practitioner.

Read Elisa's Summary of Natural Therapy Training (PDF, 47KB)

Course Director: Elisa Lanau

Holistic School of Reflexology
PO Box 17690
Christchurch 8840
New Zealand

T: 0064 3 326 6159
E-mail:  soulreflexions@clear.net.nz

Elisa is available for individual reflexology therapy sessions at
The Healing Space
Clinical & Intuitive Reflexology

Elisa Lanau Tutor Dip R MRNZ NZCHP
New Zealand Charted Health Practitioner

Clinic location:


Colenso Street
T: 326 6159
Mobile: 021 0474477

The Centre of Wellbeing

Client Testimonial

"I just wanted to tell you how profoundly the reflexology session I had with you last week affected me - the morning that I saw you I practically felt crippled - not good for an active girl like me! After seeing you, yes, I was wiped! went to our little cottage and crawled into bed and slept for about an hour. I awoke feeling blissed out, stood up, moved about - with absolutely NO discomfort in my right hip at all. I know what yoga, massage can and has done for me, but my, this just blew me away. I know you could feel how long this pain has been with me...what a release, what a relief...I went for a 16 km hike the other day, and tho' felt sore at the end, I wouldn't have contemplated it the morning before I saw you. THANK YOU so much! seems my left hip is still a bit stuck, but so much better - I have been working on them myself, and will show my friend, massage therapist here, a few things to help me.

Just had to share that with you, so many people have tried to work on these hips, and one session with you was just truly remarkable - what a gift you have! All the best, and thank you again,"

- Paula, Yoga & Massage Therapist (West Coast)

"Whilst attending a reflexology training course, Elisa demonstrated a segment on my right foot. I have always had puffy ankles but that evening I felt intense energy in my right leg. During the night I physically saw the congestion move up from my right ankle towards my thigh. In the morning I awoke to find a slender right ankle! I will continue to see Elisa to improve my circulation, congestion and overall health."
- Female 29, Christchurch Nutritional Consultant

Website Links

Holistic Health Training. www.hht.co.nz
Maternity Reflexology: www.maternity-reflexology.com
Reflexology New Zealand Inc: www.reflexology.org.nz
The New Zealand Charter Of Health Practitioners: www.healthcharter.org.nz

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